About Fruit Jobs


Horticulture business is booming, in West-Brabant. When strawberry cultivator Jong Fruit of Dongen (North-Brabant) keeps expanding, and moves into production all year round, the need for workers grows, as well.

The (international) worker database grew so much, at some point, that even fellow cultivators came knocking at our door for workers. Besides that, demand for temporary workers increases outside peak season, as well. Hence, we grew from 8 workers in 2006 to 450 workers in 2016.

Properly arranged

To take better care of staffing matters, both for workers and for employers, Fruit Jobs was founded. This flexible employment agency tends to the demand for workers, and is the perfect link between the irregular demand for workers, and the work that is on offer.

Fruit Jobs is based in Dongen (North-Brabant). We work with an international team of motivated workers, that can be put to work for either longer or shorter periods. Our clients are large horticulture companies in the area, with whom we often have worked for years.